There are several ways to begin learning with Rabbi Zeff.

Rabbi Zeff now offers the chance to have a personal chevruta with him over the internet or over the phone. Please contact the Rabbi for more information at jnzeff@gmail.com, or go to his new website Tailor Made Torah, where you can find out more about his special “self-change” programs.

The Kabbala of Self-Change- Rabbi Joel Zeff

Whether we are struggling with obstacles preventing our full and vital engagement with life or we just need some inspiration to continue to grow as people and as Jews, the Jewish mystical tradition of Kabbala offers a deeply meaningful roadmap. Join us for a systematic exploration of this richly nuanced world in which we will explore the full gamut of Kabbala, Chasidut, and the Torah of Rav Kook, as it relates to guiding personal growth.

Here are a small sample of classes on YouTube:

January 6 class

January 20 class

February 4 class

February 11 class

March 11 class

March 18 class: